At Via, our endeavors are more than just business.

We focus on sensibly crafted, economically viable, solid waste solutions.  Every aspect of our business is directed by Via’s core environmental compass.

.Our Goals?

  • Solve waste challenges
  • Provide the service our partners need to reduce environmental impact
  • Improve the bottom line.

Our Founder

Preservation and stewardship of the environment is the call to service that inspired the creation of Via Recyclables.  Melinda Caldwell, Ozark Mountain bred and Harvard educated, answered the call to action – when blessed with much, much is expected.  Her life’s mission is to usher a new approach to waste management.

Help our customers and our environment thrive.  Melinda understands the two walk in tandem step.

Guided by her own environmental roots, her expert knowledge of waste streams, helps Melinda deliver diversion systems specific and unique to clients’ needs.