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Electronic Waste Finds The Right Recycle Stream

asumh-e-wasteArkansas State University-Mountain Home held a free electronic waste recycling drop off for the first time in the Twin Lakes area last month. Nearly 34 tons of e-waste materials, filling nearly three 53-foot semi-trailers. You can read more about the ASUMH recycling event and the benefits of recycling electronic waste in their article here.


Earth Stewardship By Way of Public Schools Part One

The picture below is from the Walker-Floyd Outdoor Classroom at Berryville Intermediate School in Berryville, Arkansas. Looks cool, no? Well, you don’t know how cool it is until you visit and see the incredible offerings it has for the students.

Walker Floyd Outdoor Classroom 3 (2)

Check out this list of what you can find in this amazing space:

  • Carroll County Solid Waste Department mobile module for recycling education
  • Greenhouse to start seedlings
  • Raised beds for planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, herbs and flowers
  • Archaological dig site
  • Composting site
  • Pond ecosystem
  • Solar cooker
  • Wind turbine, weather instruments, water cistern, solar panels
  • Rainwater collection system
  • Two miles of trails with solar powered lighting
  • Human Sun Dial
  • Wildlife study
  • Telescope
  • Water Wheel
  • Classroom space for labs
  • Displays for recycling, fossils, wildlife and other artifacts
  • Topographical and regional maps

This impressive project is beautiful not only because of its incredible hands-on educational opportunities but also because the local government, businesses and citizens got behind it and made it a true community project. One of its biggest supporters is

mayor Tim McKinney, who chatted with me for a bit before I taught recycling classes to a wonderfully curious and smart bunch of fifth graders. It took a lot of volunteer man hours to build this incredible facility, a lot of generous donations, and a lot of vision, passion and hard work on the part of the faculty who dreamed it and made it happen for their students.