Waste Audit

Starting at the End

The common thread that all our clients have is the need for waste assessment, process organization and delivery of service.  We often start by following waste containers to the landfill to gain a complete view of what is ending up in the waste stream.   Our survey and analysis from the end point to generation point help us  –

  • Identify specific waste generated and their points of collection.
  • Develop the system to organize and maximize collection.
  • Redirect reusable goods.
  • Eliminate unnecessary waste.
  • Market materials at the highest rate available.

Call to Action

The best laid plans don’t always work without the know how to put it into play.  Via Recyclables education team helps your staff understand its new system design through boots on the ground educational teams.

Via will –

  • Explain the goals of the program.
  • Define material flows.
  • Monitor the implementation and progress of the recycling system.
  • Provide Reporting that tracks diversion progress.

Our Educational materials tell Your Story

Our clear messaging through educational signs, monthly reports, and system instructions help your team understand their recycling program, reflect the progress being made, and gain ownership of a job well done. We can tailor your educational portfolio to suite your company’s own specific needs.