Via Analytics

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!” ~ P. Drucker

Via Analytics processes downloaded waste data and exposes the specifics of waste streams. Our system, backed by a team of experts, defines cost and volume, and how they effect the economic bottom line.  Our Point of Service detail, Dashboard Reports and Executive Summaries speak directly to waste activity and reveal exact areas where improvement strategies can take effect.

Our Service Profile has all the detailed contact information about your contracts, service providers, in-house contacts, and equipment in one easy to navigate location.

Subscribe to Via Analytics and our team of experts will manage your waste data and provide you the reports you need, or relieve your accounting staff and take advantage of our Bill Consolidation service. We’d love to help you reduce your waste, track your progress, and improve your bottom line.

  • How much waste can you divert from the landfill?
  • How does diversion reduce your costs for waste services?
  • How much revenue do you receive for each recyclable commodity?
  • How much do you spend for each container, compactor or baler? How efficient is each haul?

Via Analytics uses Point of Service tracking so you can measure:

  • Weight
  • Hauls
  • Volume
  • Costs
  • Rebates